Fresh Thoughts

What the Body Knows.

Every day in my online community, Flock, we have some sort of soulcare/selfcare check in on our private Facebook page. On Wednesdays we check in with our bodies for #bodycompassion. This week, in midst of writing, and working, and pre-holiday bustle,  I wanted to share our touchstone with all of you. (Be kind to your » Continue Reading.

Time to Harvest: New rites and rituals with Flock.

land art and image by jen lemen

I believe in the city. I believe in density, and building UP, and not paving over all of paradise so everyone can have a lawn. I believe in living so close together you have to be next to someone who smells different than you, and earns different from you, and needs different from you.


And I believe in nature. I believe bark will speak to you under your palm, and the earth will heal you when you lay upon it and give it your sorrow. I believe in the unending How-Great-Thou-Art roar of the sea, and the humbling beauty of lichen, and the way a stand of Aspens whispers true things to your soul.

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